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MYFIN Point - Kerala's First Integrated Media for Finance & Business

MYFIN Point -  Kerala's First Integrated Media for Finance & Business

MYFIN POINT is the first truly integrated media in Malayalam, with exclusive focus on business and finance. The project is the brainchild of MyFin Global Media, aimed to educate and empower the common people in financial planning, investments, products and markets, and ensuring them rich dividends.

Myfin Point aims to bring about a perceptual change in the Malayali mind, about finance and economy, and thus bring about social upliftment. Myfin Point would cover all important aspects of finance and economy, with focus on Stock Market, Automobiles, Lifestyle, Health, Education, Insurance, Banking, NRI etc.

Myfin Point also follows the path of technology to educate and inform. The content will be in the form of live news as well as aesthetically packaged programs. Curated by seasoned professionals and journalists who have rich experience in the business, media and financial sectors.

 Communication channels

Myfin Point will deliver its focused content through three exclusive products, putting to full use all the possibilities of the textual, visual and aural media. 

Myfin Point

Myfin Point is the parent web portal with comprehensive coverage of financial and

economic news and features, and is constantly updated.

Myfin TV

Myfin TV is the live streaming news channel, with Live news, analysis and programs on Finance and Business.

Myfin Radio

Myfin Radio podcasts news, features and debates on daily market trends and Developments.

Myfin Global aims to create financial literacy through well designed educative and absorbing information packages. The regularly updated and authentic content will reveal the facts and trends in all streams of business and commerce. 


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